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Barbican: A Sterling McQueen Spy Story

ISBN 978-0-9968752-5-7 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-0-9968752-6-4 (ebook)

ISBN 978-0-9968752-7-1 (audiobook)

Sterling McQueen is a cross between James Bond and Sherlock Holmes in this throwback to the classic spy novel. McQueen shuns technology in favor of old-fashioned spycraft. He has to solve mysteries based on his intellect and powers of deduction rather than unrealistic technology and ridiculous stunts. If you're tired of over-the-top technology in your political thrillers then Sterling McQueen is your new hero. 

The First Face of Janus​​

ISBN 978-0-9968752-3-3 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-9968752-2-6 (ebook)

If you like The Da Vinci Code you'll love this book. A secret society has been around for 500 years and their sole job is to make sure Nostradamus' prophecies come true. A writer at a low point in his career comes into possession of some odd quatrains that appear to foretell an unspeakable disaster. He races against time to decipher the quatrains and prevent another horrible prophecy from coming true. But this society will murder anyone who stands in their way.

The God Players​​

ISBN 978-0-9968752-0-2 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-0-9968752-1-9 (ebook)

A scientist not only discovers the elusive gay gene, he discovers a way to change it in the womb. A gay rights organization sues to stop the procedure and they're joined in their quest by an evangelical group that wants to keep the doctor from playing God. These two groups come to learn a lot about each other and discover the lines of tolerance are not so clear. The doctor discovers that changing the sexual orientation of a child is not that cut and dried.

The Conservative's Handbook

ISBN 978-1492622352

The Conservative's Handbook redefines the right's stance on fiscal and social issues and serves as a rallying cry for Americans to fight for the preservation of the traditional values of this great country. This essential guide covers a full array of issues from A–Z, including belief in God, military strength, zero tolerance for crime, the wisdom of Ronald Reagan, and much more.

Tax Revolt

ISBN 978-1595550019

Ever since the Boston Tea Party, courageous and patriotic citizens have rebelled against the government's overbearing and abusive taxation of its constituents. This book is the powerful rallying cry to all Americans to continue to fight against our ever-increasing taxes. Using as a touchstone the heroic incident in Tennessee, when citizens converged on the state capitol to protest and repeatedly beat back attempts to pass a state income tax, Valentine weaves an inspiring story of how patriotic citizens have stood up to taxes in the past, how many intrepid constituents continue to fight, and how Americans should resist and even revolt against taxes on a state and national level. 

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